World War 2 The holocaust

Hitler`s reign killed millions.

My views on The Holocaust .

The Holocaust and Hitler killed millions of people. The worst part about it that he never killed any of them himself he always has the SS or The Gestapo kill people just like a dog to have somebody else do his dirty work I don't understand what the point of the holocaust was what was it exactly did the Jews do? even if they did something nobody deserves to be killed or treated like nothing and forced to work for nothing in return. women, men and ,children were killed during the holocaust . new born babies were killed before they even knew what the meaning of Jewish was. Toddlers were forced to work before they could even read and that is not right no human is superior to another I don't care if your the president nobody is better than anyone else the Jews were forced to live in ghettos where they were fenced in and counted. anti-Semitism is the hostility or prejudice against jews

Herded like cattle.

The Jews were herded like cattle onto the death trains in which they would be riding to the concentration camps and were brought in cattle carts to Auschwitz.

electric fences

The concentration camp Auschwitz was surrounded by electric fences and guard towers .
Twin Holocaust survivors describe arriving at Auschwitz
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