Get more info on the sadest day of history!


The event that happened that day is the twin towers that some to attacked by the Islamic group Tuesday morning 9/11/01. The first plane to depart was an American Airline Flight. The second of the four planes departed from the Union Flight Airline. When the first plane took off at 7:59 a.m there were only 81 passengers in its 158 seats.47 minutes late the plane crashed in the North Tower at 440 mph. The second plane took off at 8:14 a.m. Only 56 out of 168 seats were occupied. The plane crashed into the tower at 9:03 a.m. traveling 540 mph. The third plane departed from the American Airline, it left at 8:20 a.m. It had 58 passengers with its 176 seats. It crashed into the Pentagon at 9:37 a.m, flying 530 mph. Last but not least; The fourth plane had also took the United Airlines Flight, it was delayed for 42 minutes past its scheduled 8 a.m departure from San Francisco. When it finally took off it only carried 37 passengers. It crashed at 560 mph into an empty field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania at 10:03 a.m.

Why is this picture most important to you?

This date of 9/11/01 is the most important to me because it was the exact day I was born so I was a newborn and didn’t know what was going on until I was older so I would like to know more about it as I hardly even know everything today. I am still trying to learn more about because it’s my birthday and I would like to know what happened on it. It’s also important to me because a lot of people died and lots were wounded and I would not want to know how that felt if I were a family member because I think that it’s a very depressing day and hard for people to go through. There were 2753 killed in New York, 343 fireman and or paramedics killed, 1402 employees died in tower one, 614 employees died in tower two, and there were 3051 children who lost their parents and also there were a lot that were wounded. As all of this was happening the United States President George W. Bush was at Emma E. Booker elementary school when he had learned that the second plane crashed into the World Trade Center, also where he made his first public comments about the September 11 attacks.

What does these pictures do for U.S history?

The pictures from the 9/11 tragedy gives us some background knowledge on U.S history and how a lot of bad things happened in the past. There should definitely be a lesson people should take about this picture; Don’t hijack things, also that little things matter, and some days there are miracles that will happen unexpectedly. If i would tell someone something about the U.S as a country it would be that the police/ fire department were struggling to help people that day because of all the lives lost and all of the bodies and wounded people every where it was a lot of work for them to get through but they did it and cleaned up the place.

If you were in that time or place, what do you think you would ask the photographer?

If I were in that time or place I would ask the photographer a few questions like: Were you there? Did you see what happened from the beginning? Was it as bad as everyone pictured it to be or worse? After all the stuff that's happened I would like to know what happened after and or before the photograph was taken. If I were to ask the subject of the picture something I would be be curious to know about the people and were there any that survived any of the plane crashes?