Improving Race Relations

By Evan McBride

Slavery in America

Slavery began when European merchants started the triangular trade. They started the triangular trade because it pays for its imports from one country by its exports to another. They could trade slaves, sugar, rum, and etc., And it would benefit both countries. To trade slaves, they used large cargo ships just for slaves and only slaves. More and more slaves kept coming all around the world, and soon Bristolians became owners of plantation in the West Indies, and they became rich. So, they bought slaves to plant and crop for them.

Why So Many Slaves in the South?

Then, the introduction of Eli Whitney's "cotton gin" brought all of the slaves to the south like New Orleans, Charleston, and Galveston. While it took a single slave ten hours to seperate a single pound of fiber from the seeds, it took two slaves using a cotton gin to produce fifty pounds of cotton in just one day. So, the number of slaves increased by millions.

How Were They Treated?

Slaves in America were treated so poorly that they got no beds, they slept on the cold damp floor at night. Sometimes they got their sleep when they prepared for the field the upcoming day. They would get punished if they didn't show up to work, neglecting the master's orders, or caught running away from the fields. The bad behavior would end up a whipping, breaking bones, or a beating with a stick. This was all legal until 1865 when the United States made the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

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My Plan to Improve Race Relations

There are still racial tensions in America just like the Ferguson shooting. A police man shot and killed an unarmed African- American teen named Michael Brown. After, the city of Ferguson started protesting that they killed him for his race. But, the police man said that Michael stole from a nearby convenient store and the policeman warned him to stop running, and Michael didn't. So, he ended up shooting Michael and killing him. Unfortunately, everyone in Ferguson takes it as he killed him because of his race. And, everyone starts protesting and then the protesters got arrested. In my opinion, it had nothing to do with his race because the policeman warned him to stop running, and he didn't. Right there he didn't listen to the policeman's orders. To solve this problem, I want to include race relations in the curriculum taught from grades 6-12. They would show problems that have happened in the past, and decide if the law did a good job or not. And if they don't like how they solved the problem, they can solve it a way that everyone in the class is happy.
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