A Bunk and Breakfast!

Great things about school camps

Wednesday's Breakfast

If there's one thing I remember about camp it's that you get hungry...but there's always food to eat. The mornings at camp began anywhere from 6am through to 8am. My alarm went of at 6am every morning. After turning it off I climbed out of my warm bunk and went and had a shower. Half an hour later I made my way to the kitchen often meeting and greeting kids in the corridors. The very first smell was of toast cooking and as usual Craig had stationed himself next to the toaster conveyor belt to feed the constant stream of bread through. Along the bench was rice bubbles, weet bix and cornflakes. Canned fruit was also on offer. I wandered over to the hot water urn for my first cup of tea then I selected some of my personal wholemeal bread to toast. While the toast travelled through the machine I watched kids arrive in various state of dress to get their breakfast. After my toast plonked out the bottom of the conveyor belt, hot and fragrant, I collected it and joined the queue for condiments.

Why would you do it?

What Makes Camp Special?

Camp is a place where you get to relax and really get to know each other. It's awesome to see kids do activities or work with different people that they would never be able to do at school. It really is about building confidence and learning how to get along with people in situations that can be, at times, stressful. It's about having fun and learning how to manage yourself away from home.