American Labor Movement

Austin Hooker

John D. Rockefeller

Founded the Standard Oil Company, which controlled 90% of U.S. refineries and pipelines, therefore, Rockefeller was able to control the price of his oil so he made a large profit. Rockefeller is considered today one of the Americans Greatest Business Leaders, and is considered to have helped shape the nation to what it is today.

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Knights of Labor

The Knights of Labor worked for a variety of things in the nations workforce. The Knights of Labor wanted to get rid of many things and also put restrictions on workers and employers. These include eight hour work days, termination of child labor, established equal pay for equal work, and many others helping the workers in this time period.

Company Town-Pullman

George M. Pullman built a factory in Chicago, Illinois making long distance railroad cars. Pullman built a town around the factory hoping the town would bring educated, healthy, peaceful, and numerous workers to his factory. In this town Pullman offered homes, shops, churches, a library, a theater, medical and legal offices, and a athletic field.

The Great Railroad Strike of 1877

The Great Railroad Strike of 1877 began on July 17, 1877, in Martinsburg, West Virginia. Workers for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad went on strike because the company had reduced workers wages twice over the last year. The workers refused to let the trains go until the most recent pay cut was returned to the employees.

Current State of Labor Unions in the USA

Labor unions have over 20 million workers, workers in a labor union tend to make more money compared to those who are non-union. A majority of workers in labor unions are colored, Most members of labor unions are males as well.

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