Bre Eskridge, LaCrystal Burton, Annie Brooks

How it's Transferred

Radiation is the transfer of energy through waves of electromagnetic energy that travel rapidly through space. Radiation does not require direct contact between the energy source and food. When the waves traveling through space strike matter and are absorbed, they cause molecules in the matter to vibrate more rapidly, increasing the temperature. Two types of radiation are important in the kitchen: infrared and microwave.

Benefits of using Radiation

  • Heats food up in less time

Disadvantages of using Radiation

  • Radiation can create carcinogens in food
  • Radiation destroys vitamin B-12
  • Radiation zaps food nutrition

Types of Foods best prepared with Radiation

  • Toast in a toaster
  • Grilling foods: Meats, vegetables
  • Anything you may roast
  • Foods to be microwaved

Other Heat Transfer Involved with Radiation

  • Only other heat transfer involved would be microwave, it involves radiation