Will Hippler

18 years old - Tampa, FL

University of Central Florida class of '19

I plan to pursue a degree in Civil Engineering, although, I'm still young so this could change into something else in the future.
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I was born and raised in Plant City, FL, the strawberry capital of the world, right outside of Tampa, Fl. I also have a beach house in Anna Maria, FL where I spend a lot of my time fishing, surfing, or just about anything involving the water.

Interesting fact about myself:

I'm usually pretty shy when I first meet people, but once you get to know me you'll be surprised by my wild personality and lifestyle.

I also love doing anything that has to do with the outdoors, such as hunting, fishing, surfing, wakeboarding, etc.

Why did I choose to be apart of the EXCEL program?

I received all of the information in the mail about the EXCEL program soon after I heard about my acceptance to UCF. After reviewing all of the information about the program and what it has to offer for STEM majors, I figured "why not?". Since I am going into engineering, I could tell this would lead me on the right track and keep me there.

How will EXCEL help me succeed in my first year of college?

From the required lab hours with helpful tutors, all the way to the math classes with handpicked teachers, I believe this program will bring out the best in me and enable me to reach my greatest potential. The tutors in the lab have already helped me out in my first week of classes, so I know they will be a big part of success this year.