Jefferson Davis

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When and Where he lived

Jefferson Davis was born in Kentucky, but lived in Mississippi. He was born in 1808 and died in 1889.

Early Military Career


Davis went to West Point to train in the military. He wasn't completely serious, in fact he had gotten multiple demerits due to being care-free, skipping class and getting arrested. However, he graduated as Second Lieutenant. He later married his superior officer's daughter, Sarah.

Later military Career

Mexican War

He was elected Colonel in Mississippi, and later served in the Mexican War. In the Battle of Buena Vista, he was shot in the foot, and to show strict discipline, he continued to fight until the victory was assured.


Historical Events

Jefferson Davis was in the Civil War and was the president of the Confederacy. He impacted history by leading men,(to their doom) in wars against the Union, causing many deaths. Many deaths of which, were from his own team. He dreaded the deaths, some where the deaths of his family and friends. All the fighting resulted in what the Union had hoped for, and what the Confederacy had lost, slavery. The Union got the Confederacy to surrender and abolish slavery.


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Jefferson Davis had 10 older siblings. His first wife, Sarah, was the daughter of his superior officer in the Mexican War. Sadly, she died of Malaria 3 months after the wedding. His second wife, Varina, had 9 children, however, only 6 lived to adulthood.



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