4 weeks and Still vaping e cigs

I’ve been a regular smoker for the past ten years. I smoke almost more than one pack a day. I was getting addicted to this bad habit day by day. I used to have cigarette packet placed all around my house so that whenever I feel the need of smoking I could just pick up the pack and smoke…. (I am kind of lazy person). With continuous use of these tobacco cigarettes… my health was degrading. A strange and strong smell comes from my cloths and hands. The smells really piss off my girlfriend. I use to have big fights with girlfriend regarding this. She just wanted me to leave these harmful cigarettes.

One day while having lunch with my girl I saw a poster of electronic cigarette on something… I clearly don’t remember whether it was a bus or something else. I just cried out the tag line written on it to my girlfriend “which say the best alternative for regular smoking”. I just laughed on it and said nothing better than my tobacco cigarette. We finished our lunch and went out.

After two or three week a parcel came for me in my office with a bunch of white lily… the card on it says open the box and try it for me…love Sara. I opened the box and guess what I found an electronic cigarette starter kit from the brand Green Smoke. The kit was named Green smoke Pro kit I clearly remembered it as it was the first kit that I smoked. The taste of these cigarettes was perfect for me. Initially I find it little difficult to smoke them as I used to love by tobacco cigarettes. It was little hard for me to get over these cigarettes. But gradually during the course of time I start vaping the Green Smoke and was completely satisfied.