ancient Egypt by Blake barker

The Nile River

It's the longest river in the world it's 4,000 miles long. it made life for Egypt because it made civilization by the river by farming.

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Social hierarchy

it is about life of pharaohs and nobles, the pharaoh is at the top of the social pyramid as a god or ruler. the nobles are the second level of the pyramid.

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pharaohs of Egypt of 1279 BC

Ramses ll : was a army captain at the age 10 yr old, he was a great warrior and builder. ruled the Nile delta called Pi-Ramesse house of Ramses.

Rosetta Stone

hieroglyphics is on the Rosetta stone it famous for it symbols . because it tells about Greek writing of the pharaohs life.


the people Worshiped gods in their home of the pharaoh temples. People think the kings afterlife in the underworld is good to him because he is young and healthy. After a person died they mummified them. They took out the organs and filled it with saw dust. They wrapped it in cloth. They did this so they could go to the afterlife safe. They built pyramids so their body can go toward the sun.