J. Galbreath and B. Gasior, Gifted Resource Specialists

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Register for Math Showcase!

Math Showcase is an opportunity for elementary and middle school students to showcase their math skills and participate in an exciting day of math challenges. Four students from each school can be selected to participate.

K-6 and K-8 schools may send two teams - one elementary (grades 4-5) and one middle (grades 6-8).

Event Dates:

Elementary - February 21, 2017

Middle School - February 23, 2017

Both events will take place at the Columbus Metropolitan Main Library (96 S. Grant).

See the Math Showcase Memo for registration details.

Wondering How to Prepare?

CCS provides this Math Showcase Resource Packet containing guidelines and sample problems. Below you will find some additional resources that we have gathered to help prepare your math teams for each round of the competition day.


Round #1 - Mental Math

Students work independently and silently to solve two sets of 15 problems. Have students take the 30 Second Arithmetic Challenge. Use this Mental Math Tips sheet to practice mental math. Rank Your Brain challenges students to a mental math test then ranks their brains. Students should start on the easy level.


Round #2 - Problem Solving with Logical Thinking

In this round, team members work together to solve word problems with a logical thinking and a deductive reasoning focus. Some of the schools have copies of the Problem Solver books. These are very helpful to prepare for the problem solving rounds. If your school does not have copies, see your Gifted Resource Specialist.

Logic Grid Problems

Briangles offers logic grid puzzles that come with a handy interactive grid that will help students solve the puzzle based on the given clues.

Puzzle Baron's offers free grid puzzles. The nice thing about this website is that it offers the ability to select your grid size and difficulty range.

Logic Puzzles has a nice collection of archived grid problems that can be downloaded or solved online.


Round #3 - Reckoning Relay

In this round, team members work together to solve six word problems. Team captains pick up problems relay style. Point values are assigned to the problems based on problem difficulty. The Problem Solver books are also a great resource to prepare students fro this round. Many schools have copies of the books or binders. If you need a copy, ask your Gifted Resource Specialist. has lots of resources for math enrichment. Here are links to open-ended problems organized by grade and standard.

Problem Solving Grades 3-4

Problem Solving Grades 5-8

Inside Mathematics - The problems on this site are tiered for easy differentiation and flexible grouping. All problems are aligned to the Common Core State Standards.

Grade Four

Grade Five

Grade Six

Math Worksheet Land is the largest and most comprehensive k-12 math worksheets site aligned to the Common Core State Standards.

Grade Four

Grade Five

Grade Six

Calling all math detectives! Mysteries are popping up all over town, and our chief sleuth needs your help to crack the case.

Math Maven's Mysteries (printable)

Math Mysteries (online)

These puzzles are fun activities for children and cover several math topics for each grade (Grades 1-7). Each puzzle link connects to a printable PDF sheet which also has an answer sheet attached.

Yummy Math includes most topics from 3rd grade to high school. It is less about teaching content and more about giving kids the chance to apply math in authentic, real world ways. Problems aligned to Common Core standards, are open ended and easy to print.
Math Live - Learn math with Joe, Anna and Hank! This is a fun site with engaging videos on many math topics. Teacher notes, parent notes, assessments and activity sheets are all included in printable PDF format.


Round #4 - Design Challenge

In this round, all team members work together to solve a design challenge. The focus is on the mathematical process, creativity, communication and cooperation.
INTEGRATED STEM ED is a collection of design challenges based on children's literature.

This Design Squad activity guide offers five hands-on challenges that bring engineering to life for kids aged 9–12. This is based on the PBS Design Squad TV show.