The fear of solitude

What is Autophobia?

Autophobia is the fear of solitude or the fear of being alone. People with this phobia do not live alone and spend as much time with other people as possible. And when they're not with other people, they try to get in contact with people as quickly as possible.

Even when it is clear the situation is safe, they still fear:

  • Strangers
  • Intruders
  • Being excluded or unwanted
  • Developing a medical issue
  • Unexplained noises

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Symptoms of Autophobia

Often times people with this phobia realizes how irrational it is and how unlikely it is that this fear will actually come true. But they still can't control the symptoms. When they experience symptoms of Autophobia, they feel an intense need to be in public and try their hardest to do so. Symptoms include:

  • Similar to symptoms of a panic attack (Shaking, dizziness, hyperventilation, nausea)
  • Obsessing over being alone or what could happen if they were alone
  • Intense desire to flee a situation

Coping with Autophobia

Often times people with phobias like Autophobia, don't seek treatment. They can recognize how irrational their fear is and are embarrased. Sometimes they feel they can get over the phobia with willpower. When really, it's much deeper than that, it's a mental health issue that can't be fixed with will power alone.