Grade 1 January Newsletter

2nd - 5th June 2015

Highlights of the Week

It has been a productive week here in Grade 1J.

On Friday the children enjoyed attending the whole school assembly in preparation for next term, when we will transition from going to the Early Years Assembly on a Tuesday to the Grade Assembly that takes place on a Friday. This is a step that our Grade 1s are more than ready to take!

Enjoy the weekend.


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G1 HSy:

The children measured the length of our classroom using their feet as a non standard unit of measurement. Heel to toe, heel to toe!

Language Arts


In reading we have been revisiting the comprehension CAFE strategy 'Cross-Checking.' We have been singing our Cross-Checking Song. This strategy involves checking the letters/sounds, checking the picture and making sure the word we think it is makes sense (context).


We have started an all new genre this week: Fantasy Narratives (Myths, Legends, Fables). This genre ties in with our new IPC unit The Stories People Tell. We have begun by reading a range of myths, legends and fables, and noticing the language, structure and features of the texts. Please send in any relevant books with your child, particularly if you have any from your home country.

Spelling and Phonics

Our spelling has focused on the 'ar' words this week - pirate words! (ar as in star.)


We have been working on the 'sli' and 'slu' joins this week.


This week, we have continued exploring using non-standard units of measurement to measure length. To be as accurate as possible, we make sure to line up the units in a straight line, leaving no gaps in between.

We have also introduced to students the concept of 'about' where measurements taken are an approximation because we often cannot measure a length of exactly 5 paperclips or 3 footprints.

Next week, we will continue to apply the concept of length and taking measurements to practical activities as well as revisit some of the topics and concepts learnt over the last two terms.

IPC - The Stories People Tell

This week we have been finishing off any incomplete work from our 'Our World' unit of work and have started to talk about our new unit of work the 'Stories People Tell'.

Our entry point will take place next week and will be a story telling session with Mrs Tremblay. We have touched upon the different types of stories that can be told, for instance, myths, legends and fairy tales, and that these are often associated with a particular place or country. The children have responded with enthusiasm and are already beginning to bring in and share their favourite stories, legends and tales.

Please see the curriculum letter next week for more information about this exciting unit.

Virtue of the Week: Perseverance!

"Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our true potential."
Winston Churchill

This week the children have been continuing to work on showing the virtue of perseverance. In particular, trying again when we find something tricky the first time. Please use the language of the virtues at home and acknowledge your child when you see them showing their perseverance!

Next week we will working on the virtue of Joyfulness!

Dates for the Diary

9th June - EPSG Appreciation Tea

9th June - Singala

12th June - End of Term, early dismissal - 12.20pm

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