DMS Weekly Opportunties

April 4, 2016

Preparing for Next School Year!


It is already that time to begin thinking about staffing for the 2016-2017 school year! As you know, last year we hired well over 20 new teachers to DMS due to the rezoning. This year I am anticipating that things will remain fairly stable. Last year was a year of huge reorganization for us from reassigning rooms to staff. I have no intentions of making that much change again this year! However, I still want your input just in case we do need to make some minor adjustments to meet the needs of the Master Schedule. This afternoon all classroom teachers will receive a form in your box. Please complete the information and return it back to my box (or you can give it to Diane) by the end of the day on Friday. If you are new to DMS or your certifications have changed, you will need to submit a copy of your SBEC certificate with the form. If you were here last year and nothing has changed, then I already have your SBEC information. If you know that you will not be returning to DMS, please let me know or indicate that on the form so we can plan accordingly for our students. Again, I do not foresee any major changes for next year. My goal will be to communicate with you along the way and be as transparent as possible as I get more information.

Coming Up Ahead...

  • Core Leadership Team Meeting - Wednesday morning at 7:45 in the front office conference room
  • Choir Concert Thursday at 7:00pm in Rodgers
  • Progress Reporting Period 7 ends this Friday!
  • Band Concert on the 12th
  • Homework Blackout Day April 14th
  • Professional Development Day on April 15th