Ancient China

Learn all about China and why America needs a wall.

All about the Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China was built during the Northern, Sui, Yuan, Tang Song, and Ming Dynasties. It took the Dynasties about 2,000 years to complete the wall ( that is crazy ). It took them from 1368 to1644. How China built the wall was with rammed earth, stones, wood, bricks, tiles, and lime stone. The Great Wall of China stretches about 5,500,000 miles longer than Africa. The purpose of the Great Wall is to provide protection and to send warnings to tell if intruders came. If it where me I would build a wall because if I had enemies I would try to protect my country and keep thieves and killers out of my out of my land. The biggest impact this wall had made on China would be that they would always have a way to be safe and no harm would have come their way.

Does America need a wall?

In our opinion we think we should build a wall to keep terrorist and immigrants away because we need to protect everybody in the U.S from danger. We also think the wall should be made out of concrete and barbed wires all around it. It would take the taxpayers 50,000,000 dollars. The outcome of the wall ( if we build one ) would be similar to the one in China because it would protect us from invaders and illegal immigrants. Also a wall could impact our future generations because if we didn't have a wall the U.S. would be having terrorists around putting everyone in danger. Also there would be no immigrants passing in the U.S. again. Think about it if we didn't have a wall or a fence there would be nothing to protect us and people would be coming from all over the place. One of the people we talked to her aunt came to the United States in her mid-twenties. Then another person we talked to her great grandfather came to the United States in his mid-twenties as well.