21 Day Jump Start

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Don’t miss the 21 day jump start to a healthier you! Three sessions weekly for three weeks is all it takes to start your journey on a path of better health and wellness.

Whatever it is that you would like to achieve……decrease your weight, strengthen your muscle, heighten your cardio or simply start a workout program to enhance your overall health at the beginning of this year! Optimum Movement & Performance now offers you success in getting started that includes a 21 day clean eating challenge.

The experts say it takes 21 days to form a habit! Optimum Movement & Performance with the 21 day jump start program offers you the best way to form a habit of healthier living in 2013! Call, email or just come in. It doesn’t matter what level you’re starting your jump from, just give us 21 days and we’ll give you a healthier mind and body!

Not sure if the 21 day jump start is for you? Bring this email in for 1 free group training session. We believe you'll be convinced!


The journey to wellness and longevity of life requires practice.

Practice movement.

Practice performance.

Practice being strong.

You may have set your destination by yourself but you don’t have to get there alone.

Those who know the road to

Optimum Movement & Performance

will get you there.