Sugar, Sugar, Sugar

Giselle Cruz

How much sugar should a person consume each day? How does it affect a person physically or internally?

A person should consume at least for women 100 calories per day 25 grams that is close to 6 teaspoons.For men they should at least for 150 calories per day should be 37 grams that is close to 9 teaspoons.

Eating too much sugar does effect us a lot. While eating things with sugar cost a greatly deal, if a person eats a lot of sugary things these illnesses, weight gain, or diseases can effect us like diabetes (too much glucose in blood), obsiseity (over weight), heart disease (blood clot, diseased blood vessel, structural problems) and many more.

Day 1


*almond croissant = per 1 serving sugars 29g

*orange juice servings in 1 container 23g


*ginger ale can soda =35g||Strawberries (4) = 4g

*apple sauce=22g

*Ham & cheese sandwich =10g

*slim Jim =0


Soup (chicken , celery, carrots, corn, chicken broth)= 4g

Water bottle

Day 2


(Same as day 1)



*watermelon (5)=46g





Day 3




(Same as day 2)


White rice=.1g



Mango juice=31g

The total

The total is way more than it should be , next time I'm gonna try to eat less sugar and watch how much I intake everyday.


My paragraph

I chose the sugar challenge.I chose the sugar challenge, because I thought it would be really interesting to see how much sugar do I take every day, if I eat too much could I get a risk for diabetes, or to see in genrel how much sugar I eat.Everyday I had my phone with me every second I ate something and I took picture and then I researched the nutritional facts and made a list of how much sugar there was.

Sugar affect your health in many ways it affects you're circulatory system,endocrine,and nervous system.It effects you're nervous ,because when you eat something sweet and after you finish that your brain is saying "eat more sugar get sugar," then you can't foucus because your brain is wanting more sweets.

If I start over and do this whole project differently I would want to first research how much sugar each day I should get and then the 3 days I will try to only it that amount.I liked how I was surprised that I ate as much sugars in 1 day.This project I didn't really find difficult.I would tell others to try this and see actually how much sugar they eat then finding how much sugars you should be eating..