ICT News

Gayle Pinn

Issue 5 January 2015

I will try to publish this newsletter each fortnight. . Please send contributions to gayle.pinn@det.nsw.edu.au by 8 February. The flyer will also be uploaded to my wiki https://gaylepinnsteachingresources.wikispaces.com/home

Contributions can include recommendations for apps, webtools, websites, Notebook ideas and tricks, student work samples etc.

Google Apps and Office 365

All DEC staff and students now have access to Google Apps and Office 365 via their Portal. These can also be downloaded onto iPads.

These documents will enable students and staff to collaborate on documents in real time. Teachers will be able to provide feedback to students via their documents.


Staff can access Google Apps and Office 365 in the portal under the Learning Tools tab. They can then be added to the Essential site.

Google Apps has a 'Classroom' feature which which is similar to Edmodo.

The documents can be linked to websites and updated online. No need to upload edited documents.

Teachers can access student files without the need to email them.


Students can access Google Apps and Office 365 from the Learning tab on the Portal.

Google Apps


Docs (wordprocessing)

Slides (presentation)

Sheets (spreadsheets)


Sites (make websites)


Office 365






DEC Google & Microsoft Early Access Method

Tips for using Google Apps in the Classroom

Embed Google Docs into Weebly

Embed Google Dosc into Wikispaces


Publish to web

Change the tab from 'link' to 'embed'

Copy the embed code

Go to Wikispaces

Click Widget

Google Docs

Paste the embed code

To change the width and height insert the bold text into the embed code

<iframe src="https://docs.google.com/document/d/192h562iXYbI0HjuQ0BLo72G4EYQ2XS2Ihy9A9PY0HLA/pub?embedded=true"width="100%" height="900"></iframe>

Change the width and height so it suits you

How to embed an O365 document


Great Apps


Adam Spencer's Big Book of Numbers

This very popular book has a unique way of looking at numbers. It is currently sold out, but a preview is available online


Simon Job has mapped the activities to the NSW Maths syllabus




Access DEC intranet sites from home

Thanks to Simon Job


How to save a Distribution List from an email

1. Highlight the names

2. Use the Control 'C' shortcut keys to copy list

3. Open Microsoft Outlook 'Contacts' tab (bottom left of your screen)

4. Select 'New' and go to Distribution List in the drop down menu

5. Go to 'Members' box

6. Past into the Members box (Right click and select 'Paste' OR use Control 'V' to paste)

7. You may need to clarify which person it is by right clicking on 'Properties' if there is more than one person with the same name)

8. Give your list a name

9. Click on 'Save and Close'

10 It is now saved in CONTACTS.

Thanks to Tracey Smith