by M.S.


  • A cheetah is the worlds fastest land mammal.
  • It's claws are built like a dog.
  • It can not roar.
  • The cheetah is tan with black spots.
  • The cheetah is 80-120 pounds and is 6.5-8 feet long.
  • It has a dark tear running down its eye to help it see in the sun and reduce glare.

Food Chain and Habitat

  • Cheetahs eat antelope.
  • The tall grass helps the cheetah hide and sneak up on animals.
  • The desert is easy to run in because it is wide and open.
  • A cheetah can eat up to 35 pounds in one seating.
  • If the cheetah hunts in a group, it catches bigger antelope.
  • If a cheetah hunts alone, it gets smaller antelope.
  • Cheetahs live in lairs.


  • A cheetah has a pointed pad on the back of it's paw to help it stop almost immediately.
  • A cheetah can run at up to 75 miles per hour.
  • A cheetah uses it's speed to catch food and stay safe.
  • A cheetah's tail helps it stay balanced.
  • A cheetah's light weight helps it run faster.
  • The cheetah's long legs help it run faster.
  • The cheetah has feet like spiked running shoes to run faster.
  • The cheetah has a flexible backbone that acts as a spring.

Reasons for Endangerment and critical information

  • The cheetah is losing habitat.
  • Cheetahs are running out of food.
  • Once cheetahs catch an animal, 90% of the time another animal takes it.
  • Farmers kill cheetahs to protect live stalk.
  • Cheetahs have very little genetic variation.
  • People are killing cheetah's food sources.