By Chase Stokes & Maria Sanchez

Monarchy In A Nutshell

Monarchy is a system of government where a single ruler uses supreme power based on heredity or divine right. It is one of the first forms of government that is still used today.

Pro's and Cons of Monarchy

Pro's of Monarchy

  • No political fights
  • Carries out tradition
  • You know who's next to rule
  • Loyalty keeps the nation more united

Cons of Monarchy

  • Citizens get no say in any matter
  • The next ruler may not be prepared or even right for the job
  • The rulers cannot be kicked out, you're stuck with them until they die
  • Rulers get money from the tax payers

Famous Monarchs

Sultan Suleiman I of the Ottoman Empire

King James I of England

Emperor Meiji of Japan

Emperor Augustus Caesar of Rome

King Cyrus of the Persian Empire

King Louis XIV of France