Foundation 2

23 January 2015

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This Week

  • Studied the story of "The Leopards Drum"
  • Learnt to make sentences
  • Learnt our new sounds Y and Z
  • Added and made totals
  • Learnt how to calculate 1 more and 1 less
  • Made Leopards with patterns using masking tape
  • Finished sewing and putting our Gingerbread men together

Thank you for our enthusiastic mystery readers so far this term!

Next week

  • Continue to read and share "The Leopards Drum"
  • Study Kente patterns from South Africa
  • Role play and re telling the story
  • Making drums
  • Focussing on addition and introducing some subtraction
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Tapestry is now up and running. Please check your email inboxes and junk mail folders if you signed the agreement, for your introductory email. If you have any problems, please do come and speak to us directly.

Earrings - please ensure that children only wear studs into school for safety reasons. No hoops please. Thank you.