Patrick Marsh Middle School Band

This Week in Band at PMMS (Sept 21-25, 2020)

Thank You and Week 3 Requests

Hello PMMS Band Families -

First, THANK YOU for your continued support of your child's music education. We appreciate EVERYTHING that you do from purchasing more reeds to listening to your children practice! We know how difficult online learning is from WIFI access to busy schedules. You are doing a GREAT job!

In an effort to make things go even better for your children in band, here are a few things that we think would help as we move forward to Week 3!

  • CAMERAS - Please ask your child to turn on their cameras during class (If possible). We've noticed that in some classes about 25% of the students do not have their cameras on. Certainly, there are reasons to keep it off (WIFI signal strength, etc). However, we rely on seeing your children as much as we do hearing them. As you can imagine, seeing hand placement, embouchures (mouth), posture, instrument angles, etc are all visual cues that assist us. If your child's camera doesn't work on their Chromebook, please have them fill out an Incident IQ Repair Request online to get it fixed.

  • FOOD/DRINK - We've noticed a number of students eating or drinking sugary beverages while playing their instruments. Please remind your kids that eating food and then playing immediately afterward will get food particles into their wind instruments causing damage. Students should take a drink of water after eating and before playing and always avoid eating while playing in general.

  • CHAIRS - We have also noticed a number of students sitting on couches or recliners during their lesson or band class. Your child will play best using a hard, flat chair like a wooden kitchen chair. Students are encouraged to stand and play (depending on the instrument) as well. However, stay away from beds, couches, and other soft surfaces.

  • DOGS/CATS - Nothing wrong with this at all. Love seeing them : ) Even the fish.

Lesson Reports Launched

It was fantastic seeing your children again in band lessons this past week. As you probably noticed, we sent a "lesson report" to both you and your child following their lesson. The report contains information about what we did in the lesson including reminders as well as the assignment for next week.

Our hope is that this immediate feedback and communication about your child's growth and performance will provide you with valuable information to help support their learning. We would encourage your young musicians to practice daily for at least 20 minutes. Our focus nearly every week will be on the lesson book (Daily Routine for Perc). Thank you for helping to "build" this time into their schedule at home.

We hope that you find the lesson reports helpful. Please note that we will add both of the email addresses that we have on file for this week's reports (last week we sent it to just one parent/guardian email).

Music Professor

If your child is a 6th grade band student OR they are just starting in band, please encourage them to watch the Music Professor Videos online. Your child was provided a subscription to this service for the entire year! The videos contain fantastic information specific to your child's instrument. In a way, this is like receiving private lessons from a professional musician! Here is a video tutorial I created to help you get started with Music Professor if you haven't used it yet.

First Band Swag Sale Ends Tomorrow

Our first Band Swag Online Store Sale will end on Monday, Sept. 21. The goal is to open this virtual clothing store a number of times each year introducing a few new items and logos each time. This online store contains the district band logo, SP Jazz Logo, and Band Booster Logo. Future stores will include SOSP, EPOCH Sound Items, and more.

  • This online clothing "store" closes on Sept. 21st
  • Items can be shipped to you or curbside pick-up at Ameriprint.
  • To order click HERE

GREAT Video About The Benefits Of Music

Medical Symphony - PBS Sept 18

Previous Information

Curious What We Are Working On?

If you are curious what we are working on in class or want to know what has been assigned for homework, you can find it all in our "Band Family Facing Document". The link to this document can also be found on our band website. I know all of these links get confusing...when in doubt, just go to our band website to find everything you need!

School Instrument Rental Fee

If your child is using a school instrument, you will see that fee applied to your child's account via Infinite Campus Parent Portal. Simply log into infinite Campus with your user name and password. Locate the "Payments" tab on the navigation bar along the left-hand side of the screen. You will be able to pay the fee online.

Share Your Photos!

We love seeing photos of your kids participating in band from home! With your approval, we would love to share those photos on our Facebook Band Page or on future newsletters. If you have a great photo to share, send it to Chris at Thanks!

Where Can We Find Information About Band This Year?


1. This newsletter will be sent every Sunday afternoon. It will contain the plan for the week, updates on classwork, and special events or opportunities.

2. Our PMMS Band Website will have weekly lesson plans, resources, links, and our weekly lesson schedule. I will also keep links to all of our newsletters on this website if you ever need to look for something shared previously but lost it in your inbox. Consider the website as the "go to" place to find out information this year.


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