Jack the Ripper

By: Brody Gude


Jack the Ripper was an infamous serial killer in London in the year 1888. During the time period of August 7-September 10, he committed 5 murders, all of which were female prostitutes. He was known for mutilating the dead bodies. To this day, no one is certain who the identity of the murderer is and what his motive was. This makes it one of England's most famous mysteries.
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Perspective #1

A Jack the Ripper museum was opened in August 2015 by Mark Palmer-Edgecumbe. He believed this to be a good idea because it was a famous part of England's history. He thought it would be necessary to open up and let the visitors see a visual representation of the infamous serial killer.
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Perspective #2

A majority of people in England did not like the idea of the museum. Not one bit. They began riots and protesting the museum when it opened. The police had to come and intervene. The protesters thought the museum would give praise to the serial killer and make him more famous.
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Bias against Jack the Ripper

There are many sites that talk about how much Jack the Ripper is a terrible person. But this one I found has an interesting perspective. It talked about how they're making making Jack the Ripper famous rather than the victims of him. It shows its bias against Jack the Ripper and believes that England should not make it seem like Jack the Ripper is above his victims.

Criticism #1

The most famous criticism of Jack the Ripper is feminist. He killed only females and when the museum was made, women got heated. After this happened, women believed that England had a preference for males.

Criticism #2

Marxist criticism is also involved with the Jack the Ripper case. His victims were not only female, but poor too. This shows how the poor were targeted in England and easily vulnerable. The poor London citizens questioned whether they were safe in the city or not.