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By:Catelyn C


Hello,This is Catelyn who works at Box turtle news.We will have a competition every week and you will vote.On the other hand somebody has been copying the turtle girls sign. (Go to pamela's flyer for the form)


We found out who was copying the turtle sign,It was Catelyn,ME!!

Some funny Pics

special Interview

This week we will have Mrs.Baxter as our special person this week.But make sure to....

Special Interview Mrs.Cheryl Baxter!!

Why do you love math? I like having to figure out the right answers.

Is it hard having 5 kids in the house?they play together they do chores and they help out.

Do you like teaching?Yes I love it it's the best job ever.

How many years have you taught in total? Not counting this year 3.

How long have you been teaching 4th grade? 2 years.

Brushbot in Action
New Amazon Prime TV Advert Featuring A Lonely Little Horse
Keyboard Cat's Wonderful Pistachios Commercial!

What We learned This week ( For parents )

Hello parents this week we learned about measurement and that we are making a cafeteria so can you help us by bringing in the recyclables at your house.We are also learning about nutrition.

For Heidi and all those Pokemon Lovers