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August 27th, 1922 ¢.02

The Death of a Millionaire

Yesterday morning a terrible murder suicide took place at the Gatsby mansion. After the tragic death of the wife of George Wilson, Myrtle Wilson, he went on the search of the man he believed to be the cause of his wife's death and her suspected affair. The yellow car involved in the hit and run accident is known to belong to Gatsby. He believed that Gatsby killed Myrtle to cover up the affair. Many people that were at the repair shop when Myrtle was hit claim that they did see a man in the car. When this information was given to George he was certain that it was in fact Gatsby. This is why the next morning he snuck into the mansion with a plan for revenge. He shot and killed Gatsby while he swam in his pool. George then turned the gun to himself and ended his life. Robert Woods, the lead medical examiner of the case, stated "The death of George Wilson was quick and easy compared to Gatsby. He shot himself in the head which ended things almost immediately. Mr. Gatsby ,on the other hand, received a bullet through his back which punctured one of his lungs and hit multiple arteries because of how close the wound was to his heart. Gatsby falling in the pool made the situation worse by adding water to his lung which were already filling with blood and some other bodily fluids."

When asking for thoughts on the sudden death of Gatsby, many people turned their backs and had no comment whatsoever. Wolfshiem, a man seen with Gatsby did not comment his death or on how he was suspected to be the man involved with Myrtle Wilson. Many other people known to be acquainted with Gatsby are saying that they will not be going to his funeral. We now know that Gatsby was not a great of a man as we thought. With this new information people know wonder what else Gatsby could be associated with. Who was Mr. Gatsby? Local law enforcement have set to find out. Thomas Farwell, the chief of law enforcement, said that they will be investigating even further into his secret life.

Days later they discovered an underground bootlegging operation. This fact answers many of the publics questions. Gatsby was never seen near Wall Street and now we know how he got his money. Gatsby was not a great of a man as people thought. With his great parties and grand mansion. If he were alive, many say that they would rush him to jail for the bootlegging, and the hit and run of Myrtle Wilson.

Gatsby Funeral

Wednesday, Aug. 30th 1922 at 7am

Gatsby Mansion

Meyer Wolfsheim Arrested?

Meyer Wolfsheim suspected of being a gambler and having fixed 1919 World Series. He was caught and arrested when he stumbled out of a hotel completely intoxicated. At first he was arrest for being drunk and having alcohol in his possession but after investigating they found out that he was known to be a gambler. It is also believed that he fixed the 1919 World Series. He is said to brag about it once he was drunk enough

Ending of WWI

I would like to give a huge thanks to all the brave souls that protected our country and to remember all the lives that were lost in the process. A Salute to you!

Speakeasy Busted!

The police were anonymously tipped yesterday morning. They were sent to a local beauty and hair salon that seemed normal on the outside but as soon as night struck they noticed many dark clothed figures enter the salon. The police quickly disguised themselves and entered the salon along with some other people. There was a secret door that led to the basement of the building. According to the police statement there was a live band playing jazz and alcohol being pass around the room in large amounts. They arrested everyone and were able to trace the operation of the speakeasy to the owners son. He claims that he had no other choice. The police believe that it is the workings of the mobster Dutch Schultz. The police urge anyone with information to come forward. They are offering protection from the mobster if needed.


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