Motion sensor sinks


What needs to be changed

- We would need to change all the faucets in the bathrooms

- Mechanical energy is wasted when people are done washing their hands and the water is still running

- Changing them to motion sensor faucets would save water so when you remove your hands and you are done it will automatically stop running

- When you are ready to wash your hands it will turn on without touching a button

- Changing them will save mechanical energy at the school

Why motion sensor sinks are better

-motion sensor sinks don't waste water because when you move your hands in front of the sensor it will automatically turn off

-The sinks at CMSW now are controlled by a button and only gives you a matter of time to wash your hands and you will most likely not need that much water to wash your hands

-it is worth buying these sinks because they save a lot more water

Why is it beneficial?

-Its beneficial because you have an eco friendly school and it helps the environment here in Texas

Pros and Cons



-no more wasting water

-lots of planning for the future

-less sicknesses and germs


-Costs more money

-needs assembly

-Needs fundraisers to raise money

-A plumber would install the sinks

-To maintain it you would have to buy a new sink which costs $64.99 per sink

-We would need approval from the Principal Mrs.Froese and approval from the plumbers to install it

It will cost $2,924.55 to install and $35.37 to take off the one that is there. It will save you more than $100 on your water bill.