Girl Sports Treated Unfair

By: Terynn Skorepa

Girl Sports Treated Unfair

Without strong head coaches girls' and women's programs are often "walked on" regarding gym time, uniforms, money, equipment, salaries, and the hiring of qualified assistant coaches. There are qualified, experienced coaches out there whether they are on campus or within the community. The administrators in the schools need to take more time to find and hire the most qualified, rather than the most convenient.

*My Research*

Head coach for a women's team receives an average salary of $850,400 while head coach for a men's team receives an average salary an average salary of $1,783,100. Tiger Woods and Maria Sharapova are the highest paid athlete for their gender. Serena Williams is second. Tiger Woods' salary is higher than both of theirs combined. Sports with males are also thought to be more competitive and entertaining. Women's sports are placed below men's sports in the sporting hierarchy, regardless of how good the woman or team is. And male athlete's achievements were more frequently attributed to athletic ability and commitment to the sport whereas women's successes were more likely to be put down to luck. When female athlete's failed their physical ability and commitment were questioned whereas men's failures were presented in the context of their competitors' success. Even in my school the boys basketball team got their shoes and socks paid for while the girls basketball team had to pay for their shoes and socks.


While women's sports are still being treated different people are trying to make men's and women's sports equal

Where I got my research

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I found a video on Youtube about how women's sports are being treated different

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