Japanese 1

For the week of September 15 - 19

This Week's Content

This week we will learn about school supplies and how to talk about them. We will review the particle used for possessives (NO) and how to ask simple questions.

To tie in with school, the cultural discussion is on the differences between schools in Japan and schools in the United States. There will be some information provided on the cultural notes page but I will provide some additional links as well.

The speaking assignment does not change much from last week, so I expect that the students who had some difficulty will read the comments provided in the grading feedback to improve for this week. Also, there will be an example posted in the announcements on Wednesday or Thursday so that there is no excuse for poor grammar!

This Week's Assignments

This week is very similar to last week in terms of what is due and the day it is due on. Please note that there is an additional Friday assignment and that is to turn in the Linguafolio assignment.
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Important Dates to Remember

Progress Reports are going home this week!!! Several students have a ZERO in the place of assignments that are past due. I will still give late grades to those assignments if they are turned in, but if not, I wanted you to see what your grade would be. I know you have all been overwhelmed, but now it is time to dig in deep and get caught up!! You can do it! I know it may take away some of the time you have set aside for chatting or playing games, but this small sacrifice will pay off in big rewards! Hang in there!

Revae Bostwick, Japanese 1 Instructor

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