By Maggie Mooney

Some Comet Facts

  • Scientists have found 4,000 comets and think there are about millions more.
  • Comets are formed in Neptune's orbit and take 200 years to orbit the sun.
  • Scientist think a comet had fallen 48 million years ago in the sharia desert.
  • In 2006 a NASA space craft got a sample of a comet and it had amino acid glycine.
  • The nucleus of a comet is made of ice dust and rock
  • The fuzzy cloud surrounding a comet's nucleus is called a coma.
  • When comets get close to the sun solar winds pull and the sun's magnetic field pull particles from the coma into trails that stretch behind comets.
  • Comets are thought to support life.
  • comets create parts meteor showers
  • Comets can go extinct.

Pictures of Comets