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Have you ever wanted typhus, well you dont want to have Typhus you could possible die.

Typhus is a disease that is in the southern part of the U.S and other places with poor higene. You will know that symptoms of Typhus are chills, dry cough, and backache. In this flyer you will learn about the symptoms and treatments of Typhus.

What causes Typhus

Typhus is caused by 2 types of bacteria, Rickettsia typhi or Rickettsia prowazekii. Rickettsia typhi causes Epidemic or murine typhus. Epidemic Typhus is very uncommon in the United states. Epidemic is usually found in areas where hygiene is poor and the tempature is cold. Epidemic Typhus is also can be called jail fever. But there is another type of Typhus. It is called Murine typhus. Murine Typhus occurs in the southern parts of the united states, mostly in texas and california. Murine Typhus is not deadly. You most likely will get this type of Typhus if you are around rat feces or fleas and other animals.

The Symptoms of Typhus

Some of the symptoms of Murine Typhus and Epidemic Typhus. Some symptoms of Epidemic Typhus are high fever, stupor, joint pain, and cough. Some symptoms of Murine Typhus are backache, abdominal pain, and vomiting. These symptoms are more severe in Epidemic typhus than Murine typhus. Symptoms of Typhus are everyday symptoms but if you have multiple then that is a sign that you have Typhus.


As you can see Typhus can be deadly if you have the right symptoms. Typhus is a life long thing even though you get rid of it you will still have red bumps on your body. Did you enjoy this flyer? Ihope you did.
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