Feeling Lucky?

I am!

It was so nice to see you all this week!

I know I am, because it's time to tuck away my boots and sweaters and update for Spring 2013!

While we do that, might I recommend the super stylish Stella & Dot Spring line?!

I can't wait for my new wallet!

It was so FANTASTIC to see you all!

ALSO, I am feeling blessed because of so many old and new friends who stopped by my trunk show last Monday.

THANK YOU for dropping by and for doing business with my dear friend, Kelly Mick!

SO FUN to see you and I've heard your goodies are already arriving. Yea!

If any of you missed the gathering, and wish you could have browsed or picked up a treasure or two, please check out the following link:

My show will stay open until St. Patrick's Day -- March 17.

Greens, pinks, oranges, many hues of blue...classic silver, gold, and subtle tones...you name it, your Spring Style is waiting!

Review the spring line again, check out the sale tab on Stella & Dot home screen, watch some of the style forecast videos.

It's about the most fun you can have with your phone, computer, or iPad...in your jammies, in carpool line, or on the eliptical at the gym.

Thank you again to all who stopped by and participated! It's not too late, if you didn't!

Wishing you an AWESOME Spring 2013!!

Fondly, Anne, Kelly and of course, Stella & Dot