10 Billion Population

By: Mariah Putnam

Effects on Resources

Resources will become in very high demand. This would increase tension between humanities needs. Roughly one in every eighth person doesn't have enough food to eat. Food, energy, land and even oxygen are things we take for grantee but could be the reason humans die out.

Effects on non-humans

Animals and other species would slowly die out. The higher the human population the more space they will need to live in. Therefore they would destroy animal habitats for people to live in.

Effects on Climate

Human population growth is a major effect on global warming. Humans use fossil fules to power their mechanized lifestyles. The demand for gas, oil and coal goes up as the population of people do. When burned, enough Carbon Dioxide would go into the atmosphere. This would start to trap warm air inside, like a greenhouse. People then started to worry about how long the planet can withstand, the added amount of greenhouse gasses entering the atmosphere.

Effects on Biomes

Over several decades the increasing human population has lead to rapidly destroying and polluting habitats throughout the world. Biomes such as forests, freshwater, marines and more. If simple biomes like these get destroyed their might not be enough oxygen to support life. Putting waste into rivers and lakes, hurting out most important resource. When people know about this it will help them get an understanding of how to preserve Earths natural biomes.


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