Silberstein Elementary

Note to Principals from Mike Miles


Yesterday was a great instructional day in Dallas ISD – “the Best Day Ever.” Academic Facilitators, Executive Directors, Assistant Superintendents, Dr. Smisko, and I each visited several schools, and we saw some incredible teaching and a focus on strong instructional practices. Evident at every school was a palpable feeling of pride matched with a strong sense of urgency – our teachers and principals know that every day counts for our students. We recognize that not all of the instruction we saw was proficient, and there is a lot of work still to do in order to ensure every student is the beneficiary of high quality instruction every class period. But teachers were putting forth their best effort and their coaches were providing effective support. Congratulations on the progress you have made to this point. Collectively, you and your teachers have demonstrated what is possible. Now the bar has been raised, and we need to work to make sure that every one of the 160 instructional days left this year are our best days ever.

I know that your teachers worked hard in preparation for yesterday. Please be sure to recognize them for their efforts and congratulate them on a job well done. Thank you for continuing to think differently and to act courageously for our students.

Mike Miles




Mr. Freelon and I want to thank each of you for a great day!! Every classroom was visited by either an administrator or 1 of the academic facilitators from Division 4. It was exciting to see each teacher utilizing engaging strategies that provide opportunities for students to communicate their learning. The academic facilitators mentioned that the culture of our campus is evident as they walk the campus and classrooms. We will be using the trends noticed to impact our future PD sessions.

Again, we thank you for your daily contribution to the success of our Silberstein Superheroes!!


Needs of Campus

  • Engagement through a variety of multiple response strategies
  • Lighting in the classrooms
  • Teacher talk vs. student talk
  • Pacing
  • Rigor of L.O
  • Word Walls
  • Data Tracking

Professional Development

Thank you for your participation in the PD yesterday! We are excited to see your implementation in the classroom.

Please remember that the PD that is scheduled to be off campus is on September 29th.