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Advice Column: Doc Debbie

Dear Doc Debbie, Vienna is one of my best friends....She's a great person, without her i probably wouldn't have been able to hack into the White House Computer System. But then we kinda didn't talk after that because she thought it was her fault....After sometime and me practically saving her life she finally warmed up to me and we started to work together. It turns out we work together really well. Yet after a while i kinda started to have feelings for her and then at a kinda awkward moment I kissed her... but then i tried and cover it up by saying it was a birthday kiss because i mean it was her birthday...
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Movie Review:

It takes a very special person to be able to hack into the White House Computer Systems. Someone like Sam Wilson, an intelligent teenage computer hacker. The only way to stop these computer headsets that is made by Neuro technologies.These headsets take over and control people, basically frying their brains... And the only people that could help stop this madness is Sam Wilson,Vienna,and Dodge. The three of them are unstoppable. They are trying to send a virus to the headset moderator to shut them all down. See the whole story unfold in Brain Jack the movie!


Jessica Alba as Vienna, Colton Haynes as Sam Wilson, And Dave Franco as Dodge.

A movie you don't want to miss! In Theaters Now.

Feature Article:

Neuro Technology Headsets Taking Over?

These headsets are taking over. With the power to control a persons mind. What could we do to stop this madness. Yet others think the Neuro Headsets is helping them and actually proven to be "Beneficial" to their health... But then again these headsets are controlling their brain...

Brain Jack Crossword

2. ____ wilson
4. _______ Also helps Sam and Vienna to stop all the madness
5. _______ technology
6. Sam's best friend
1. Sam's special talent
3. Sam hacked in the White House ______ System
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By: Nautica Rozelle