Weekly Newsletter

March 21st-25th

Language Arts-Reading

Reading Focus:

  • Unit: Author Study
  • The book we will be focusing on the this week is Chester's Way.
  • We are working on character analysis. What kind of character is ____? What proof did the author give you that (character) is (character trait)? This is a great thing to work on with your child's reading book, at home. As he/she is reading more difficult books, they author will no longer say "(character) is funny/smart/observant," he/she will give clues. The clues to look for are: what the character says, feels, does, thinks, as well as what other characters say and think.


This Week:

  • Phonics rule: two sounds -ey makes-long a (they) and long e (monkey)
  • Word Wall Words: they, money, children, American, together, goes

ELA Skill

  • We will be continuing our study of prefixes.
  • mis- (meaning wrong) For example: misspell means to spell it incorrectly
  • pre (meading before) For example: preheat means that you start to heat it before you need it
  • dis (meaning not) For example: disagree means that you do not agree
  • A way to practice this as a family is to take turns giving the rest of the family a word that includes un- or re- and the family has to tell you the meaning of the word. For example, if I gave my family the word unfair, they would tell me not fair. To spice it up, you may switch it around and give your family the meaning and they have to guess the word. You tell your family to do something again and they tell you that your word is redo.


  • We will be finishing up some of our writing pieces from previous weeks
  • If we finish, we will be taking a break from narrative and revisit opinion writing. Students will write if they thought that Chrysanthemum's class was kind to her. We will be focusing on finding proof from the book to support our opinions.


  • We will be continuing our unit on measurement with a focus on using line plots to record our data.

Marketplace Day

Last Friday, we put all of our economic knowledge to good use. Students were producers and consumers. They sold goods and services. They created well thought out business plans. Most of all, they had fun putting their knowledge to use.

Other Important Dates

We have lots of important dates coming up:

  • March 21st-25th-Great Kindness Challenge (week 2: see below for spirit days)
  • March 22nd-all books for Spring Party Due
  • March 23rd-Spring Party
  • March 25th- Seussical the Musical Field Trip
  • March 28th-April 1st-Spring Break

Great Kindness Challenge

We had so much fun completing Random Acts of Kindness this week. Our Class completed 276 in just one week! The fun continues next week with spirit days.

Spirit Days:

March 21st: Craziness for Kindness: crazy hair day

March 22nd: Highlight Kindness: wear neon

March 23rd: Team up for Kindness: wear your favorite team jersey

March 24th: Peace, Love, and Kindness Day: Wear hippie attire

March 25th: Together we can achieve kindness: wear school colors or spirit wear

Big image

You won't Bee-lieve what we are running out of...

  • Crayons 24 count
  • Whiteboard markers (low odor)
  • Tissues
  • Clorox wipes
  • Pencils (preferably Ticonderoga)

Spring Party

  • Spring party is Wednesday, March 23rd.
  • We are still in need of 4 volunteers for the party. If you would like to volunteer, you can sign up at http://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0d45a5a923a75-spring2
  • We are doing a book exchange and are now taking book donations for the exchange. We are asking for gently used books (that are not wrapped). Students may bring in more than one book. If we get enough, students may be able to take more than one book home to read for Spring Break.
  • We still need LOTS of books. Please send in all books by Tuesday,

Country Fair Donations

We are still taking donations for the basket. You can send in items or a donation. The baskets are auctioned off at the fair and all money raised goes back to the PTO of our school. This year we will also be donating 25% of the profits from the fair to Double Peak. About 25% of our kids will be going to that school next year and since we will raise the money together, we are so excited to be able to donate 25% to help get their boots off the ground and running for next year.

St. Patrick's Day