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Ariel Gardner

What is the Cost of Pursuing a Dream?

Many peoples' main goal in life is to be known as anything but a failure and accomplish goals for themselves. Many will stop at nothing and do things they wouldn't normally consider doing in order to pursue their dream that may be clouding their ethical values. When pursuing a dream you have to consider your ability to stay who you are during the challenge of chasing your dream. This means that you will not change your morals, and keep your same personality whether you succeed or fail. Pursuing your dream may cause you to become a person blinded by succeeding.

The Great Gatsby

In the novel the Great Gatsby the emphasis that money, fame and power can do to one person becomes very apparent. "Oh you want to much!" she cried to Gatsby. I love you now isn't that enough? I can't help what's the past' She began to sob helplessly. 'I did love him once-but I loved you to." (Fitzgerald 132) This quote shows how in love Daisy was with Gatsby because of his money and how she had begun to care less and less for the man who she was married to because of the money in their wallets. She instantly had changed feelings for Gatsby because she had once believed he was poor and now filthy rich, but soon returned to Tom when she realized how much less drama it caused. Daisy was blinded by the Gatsby's riches and is the ultimately the reason she snuck around Gatsby. Nick on the other had wanted to experience the adventures the riches upheld no matter the cost. "I see now that this has been a story of the West, after all- Tom and Gatsby, Daisy and Jordan and I, were all Westerners and perhaps we possessed some deficiency in common which made us subtly in adaptable to Eastern life." (Fitzgerald 176). Once Nick had begun to get a taste for the adventure he began to realize that he could be as cruel and ruthless as people with money even if power surrounds him. He had become a liar and could have prevented a lot of the drama if had not fallen for the thrill of riches which had made him a lesser man. Both Daisy and Nick were blinded by their goal and power and had become totally different people.

Inside Job

The idea behind the "Inside Job" was to take an inside look on how big companies have been running and the corrupt actions they are taking. The company's start off well but as the as the economy begins to take a turn for the worst the companies because to use more and more money to hide their loses. The company owners use their under the table deals with the credit union in order to ensure a good credit score. The inside job proves just how greedy and disloyal the company owners are. Instead of the doing the right thing the owners were dishonest and unloyal to their costumers, some who are still affected today. Instead of being truthful owners, money over came them and changed the to where money was all that mattered.
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Greed Is Good

In a short film by Gordon Gekko, Gekko is on a mission to expose the wealthy business owners for the lies they have told and the secrets they have covered up and expose the people they truly are. In the begging the owners cared only about ensuring the success of their company rather than the income. Soon after the company owners had started to become greedy and began to steal money from those who had invested into the company. Gordon claims the only thing the owners cared about were "fishing trips, jets and golden para shoes". The point of Gordon Gekko's short film is to show how greedy and corrupt the owners had become and even tried to be dishonest and sneaky to hide the money that were stealing. The once poor owners were not always a greedy as they had been proven to be, but because of the overpowering money they turned into uncaring and selfish human beings.

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Money Attitude

Everyone has a dream, if they achieve their dream money and power can sometimes be a cause to a change in the person in psychological way. "Everyone has an attitude towards money, for some money is a central issue, for others money is just a tool, yet some use money to control things and people" (Ray). This means that without even realizing it money has a power to control people, and once they obtain it they begin to believe they can do whatever they want. This article goes into further detail about how our attitudes begin to shift when we gain money. When obtaining money we people become less social, lovable but become more conceded. The cost of achieving our goal and becoming successful could be as scary as forgetting who we are.

Does Money Change People?

Money can be the most influential objet in anyone's life. "We envy it, some of us kill for it, we look down our noses at it, some of us won't have anything to do with it. and yet its place in the cultural consciousness is assured" (Elle Article). No matter how hard we try to avoid the overwhelmed feeling that comes with money it is crucial for our society. Money can change the most loving people in the coldest and the most giving to the most cheep. Money symbolizes both success and power which almost all seek to have in their life.


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