Jasmin Jiminian 12-17-14

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Economy: What are Brazil's economic challenges? how do the people make their money?

One of Brazil's economic challenges is one-fifth of Brazil's people live in extreme poverty. thousands of Brazilian's are surrounded by favelas. Brazilians make their money by working in factories and farming,a lot of Brazilians live in the city for jobs. Many children, at a young age work to help their family.
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History: How did the Africans effect the Brazilians? When did the Portuguese force the Native Americans to go to Brazil?

The Portuguese brought the Africans to Brazil and enslaved them in the 1500's. Some died from diseases, when slavery ended the Africans stayed in Brazil. they influences Brazilian religion, music, food, and dance.
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Geography:What are famous landforms in Brazil? What is unique about them?

The Amazon Rain forest is a famous landform in Brazil.Its unique because its the largest tropical rain forest. Also, the Amazon river is another landform. It is the second-largest river in the world.
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culture: How do Brazilians celebrates? What do they celebrate?

Brazilians celebrate carnival, 40 days before Easter. They split up into group, each group designs its own float,and music around a important cultural historical theme.