Sandwich Middle School

September Newsletter 2018

6th Grade News

Believe it or not, the sixth grade students have learned so much in just a few weeks!! They have learned how to work their lockers, change classes, change clothes for PE, walk up and down the stairs and have successfully completed some school safety drills. We are proud of the independence that they are gaining. Just a couple reminders….students should all be writing down their assignments in their learning log (planner), so feel free to ask them to look at it. It is a great habit of writing down things that need to be done at night.

Many have asked what advisory is all about, so let us explain. Advisory is a 30 minute period where we have announcements, and is a time for students who were absent to get make-up assignments and those who might have one or two homework questions to be helped by a teacher. It is NOT the time to get all homework done. It may also be a time a teacher pulls a student to give extra directions or help. It does go rather quickly.

Any questions, please feel free to contact us via email or calling 786-2138. We will have a great year in sixth grade! So much fun that some teachers have been here for over 20 years!!

7th Grade News

The 7th grades welcomes you back to the 2018-19 school year. We are looking forward to great success for this year. We urge parents and students to take advantage of the Tyler portal program to access grades and progress for each class your child attends. Also check out the mobile app Tyler 360. Check out grades when you are not at your computer.

Social studies begins the year studying the earliest Americans who arrived during the last Ice Age. We will also discuss the Native American empires that dominated the Americas before the Europeans arrived in the 1500s. From there we will move into the Age of Exploration and the colonization of the Americas. Along the way, the students will be developing their historian skills and searching for connections between our world and the events of the past.

In science, we are working on lab safety and working safely in the laboratory setting. We are learning the Scientific Method to use to conduct our labs and write our lab reports. Next week, we will be working on measurement and using different lab instruments to measure items and substances in the lab. This will lead us into learning about matter and the different parts of matter.

In math and pre-algebra this year, we have started out reviewing some basic concepts, such as rounding, order of operations, simplifying fractions, converting between mixed numbers and improper fractions, and problem solving. In the math classes, our first chapter we will be working on is ratios and proportions. During this unit, the students will learn about rates/ratios, unit rates, and how to convert unit rates. They will also learn about proportional and nonproportional relationships by setting up ratios, proportions, graphing, constant rate of change, and slope. After we finish up this chapter, we will move on to integers. In the pre-algebra classes, we will be starting the first chapter in the book. The first chapter will be covering expressions, equations, combining like terms, inequalities, and graphing on a coordinate plane. We will then move onto the second chapter that will be covering integers. During this chapter the students will be reviewing the four operations involving integers, along with properties of exponents, scientific notation, and learning how to compute with numbers written in scientific notation.

7th Grade Language Arts is off to a good start. The students have been getting their Resource Binders put together. They will be using these binders to assist their learning this year. To start the year off, we have been reviewing fiction elements and reading some short stories. We will quickly move into informational text features and structures to assist in their understanding of informational texts. The students have already been working very hard in language arts, and they are making the adjustment to 7th grade. Please check in with your child at the beginning of each week to see what their Weekly Reading assignment is and to make sure they are completing the assignment in a timely manner.

8th Grade News

Sandwich Middle School Eighth Grade

2018-2019 Philosophies & Policies Plan

Dear Parents or Guardians,

In order to guarantee your child and all students in the 8th grade the excellent learning climate they deserve, we are utilizing the following:

Our Philosophy

We believe that every 8th grader should have the opportunity to learn and achieve. We will not allow any student to stop us from teaching and/or any student from learning; therefore, we believe all students can appropriately behave in our classroom.

Our Class Rules


ü Follow the directions the first time.

ü Listen respectfully when others are speaking.

ü Work in class without disturbing others.

ü Respect others’ rights, feelings, and property.

ü Conduct yourself in a manner that promotes safety for all.

ü Bring materials necessary for class.

ü Complete assignments on time.


ü Warning

ü Conference with teacher

ü Teacher detention and/or parent contact

ü Referral to the administrative team for further disciplinary action

ü Severe disruptions, disrespect for teachers, fighting, or any behavior that endangers another students: IMMEDIATELY SENT TO THE ADMINISTRATIVE TEAM


In order to promote positive behavior and academic achievement, our team will participate in a semester reward program. In order for students to earn the semester reward, students must follow the criteria below:

Ö Administrative Suspension = No Reward
(3-hour detention, in-school suspension, or out-of-school suspension)

Ö Administrative Detention = Only one administrative detention is allowed.
(45-minute detention or lunch detention given by an administrator)

Ö Teacher Detention = Only two teacher detentions are allowed.
(before school, lunch-time, or after school detention given by a teacher)

Special Note: Students are allowed one free school detention for a.m. tardies.

Ö Also, students may not participate in the semester reward program if they have more than twelve (12) zeros in ALL subjects combined, including Explore and Physical Education classes.

Ö Teachers may give other rewards throughout the semester that are not related to the semester reward program.

Late Assignment Policy

Continuing with the policy established in the seventh grade, a late assignment will receive a 50% reduction in grade if completed by the end of homeroom the following day. A final zero will be assigned if the assignment is not turned in by the end of that homeroom period. Please note that AT Math and AT Language Arts classes have different late work policies.

It is in your child’s best interest that we work together in relationship to his/her schooling this year. In order for our communication to be even better, e-mail addresses are given for each teacher. Please feel free to contact us; we would love to hear from you at any time.


Mrs. Drew:

Mrs. Ford:

Ms. Hannig:

Mr. Rhoades:

Mrs. Bonneau:

Ms. Anderson:

Mrs. Johnson:

Ms. Stout:

Mr. Wegener:

Art News

Art students are off to a great start at all levels. 6th graders are working on gaining confidence in their abilities while learning about the basic fundamentals of drawing. We began drawing eyes, will be working on shading, and then will also be getting into color theory, cartoons, portraits, and painting. 7th and 8th graders began with a review of eyes and will be working on their portrait drawings during the last week of August. They will get into cartooning, painting, and more work with portraits and the human figure. As always, I am really looking forward to seeing what the students create this year.


Welcome 1st quarter STEM students! During the first part of the quarter 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students have been learning how to access their District 430 Google accounts and have begun exploring the variety of ways they can use the tools available to them for their school work.

6th graders in Introduction to Engineering will soon discover the world and work of engineers. They will learn the engineering design process and complete exciting design challenges this month.

After exploring Google for Education, 7th grade students will be learning about different types of sketching and technical drawings used by engineers to document and communicate designs. They will be working with an internet based CAD program, called TinkerCAD, as they begin to explore the possibilities of computer modeling.

Finally, 8th grade students will begin learning about current robot technology. This month they will be building mechanisms to better understand how automated systems work. They will later design and build projects which include the mechanism they have studied.

PE News

Welcome back from the Sandwich Middle School Physical Education Department. We are so excited to see everyone back from last year and a bunch of new smiling faces as well. Our classes have already been in full swing and raring to go. Each class has done their sign-ups for either fitness based curriculum or sports based curriculum. By the looks of it, we have a ton of energetic young athletes eager and ready for action. Our first sports based units include flag football, soccer, ultimate Frisbee, and our fitness gram testing mixed in from time to time. We want to wish everyone a great school year and look forward to seeing these wonderful students in action and watch them grow. Thank you.

Middle School P.E. Dept.

Mr. Arendt, Mrs. Crawley, Mr. Russell

News from the LRC

Welcome to a new school year! The books in the LRC are enjoying seeing their old friends from last year and they are amazed at all of the new sixth graders who are ready to sit back, relax, and enjoy a good book!

September in the LRC will be all about the Scholastic Book Fair. The book fair begins Monday, September 24th and runs all week through Friday, September 28th. The hours are 7:30a.m. – 3:30p.m. daily. If you need to come at a different time – just call the school and ask to talk to Mrs. Butler in the LRC and we can set something up. All of the students will preview the fair during their L.A. classes and then have plenty of time to buy after that. The book fair is also available online and the school will get the same benefits as purchases made at the actual fair. More detail will be coming soon. Check our school website and watch for handouts toward the end of this month.

I am looking forward to meeting and greeting back all of our SMS students and I just know it will be a busy reading year here in the LRC.

Mrs. Butler SMS / LRC

Introducing Officer Brian Fasnacht

You may see a friendly face roaming about our school. Please help us extend a warm welcome and our gratitude to Officer Brian Fasnacht who will be a part of the Sandwich School District 430 Family.
Big picture


This year, our district has a unified volunteer form that will need to be filled out, and approved, in order for any individual to volunteer in our schools. This also includes chaperones, class parties, parent groups/parent group activities, or anything that involves our school buildings. Once you have been approved, your name goes on a district document that lets all the buildings know you have been approved. This is for parents/guardians who may have multiple children in the district so you do not have to fill out the form for different buildings. Forms may be downloaded from the district webpage at or click on the link below for the form. If you have any questions, you may contact the school at (815)786-2138. Thank you!

Free/ Reduced Lunch Carry Over Period

The carry over period for students who were receiving free/reduced lunch for the 2017-2018 school year will be until October 2, 2018. If you haven't turned in a new 2018-2019 application or received notification for approval for this school year, your child will automatically be charged for a lunch as of October 3, 2018. Free/reduced lunch applications for the 2018-2019 school year are available in the office of each school or on the Sandwich School District website at

If you have any questions contact 815-786-2187 ext 1.

In accordance with Federal law and U.S. Department of Agriculture policy, this institution is prohibited from discriminating on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability. To file a complaint of discrimination, write USDA, Director, and Office of Civil Rights, 1400 Independence Avenue SW, Washington, D.C 20250-9410 or call (800) 795-3272 or (202) 720-6382 (TTY). USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

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