By: Gavin Steele

Career Overview

To draw house plans or building plans so workers know how to do construction or build the object you are building. Use your math skills to design a rough plan of something that your gonna build or design.

Career Goal

To become a drafter and draw designs of buildings and houses.

Career Skills

The most important skills of a drafter is Mathematics, Learning new things, Reading, and speaking. Know the tools and design techniques your using. When your drafting you need to know how to use a computer, to think creatively, working with partners and workers, and documenting and recording information.

Career Working Conditions

The working conditions are working inside in environmentally controlled buildings. Also the working conditions conclude sitting at a desk or table, having face to face discussions with other people, and working in a group or team.

Career Wages and Outlook

The career wages of being a drafter are $26.49 to $37.16 and right now the current demand is very high. In the future the demand for drafters is going to shrink. They will need about 380 new drafters by 2022.

Career Related Occupations

Film and video editors, Fabric and apparel pattern-makers, Electrical and electronic engineering technicians, and Electrical and electronic drafter.

Program Of Study

Need an Associates Degree to even enter the field of work. Should major in Drafting/Design engineering. Should take Algebra I and II, Blueprint reading, CAD design, and drafting classes in high school.


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