Who caused the problems in R+J?

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Who is most at fault?

I believe that Romeo is most at fault for the problems in Romeo and Juliet because he rushes his relationship with Juliet, kills Tybalt and gets himself banished, and he kills himself.

Reason 1

Romeo says, "Did my heart ever love till now?" (1.5.50). Romeo has just met Juliet and already he has fallen in love and claiming he has never loved before. Romeo is extremely over dramatic and quick to judge, so he rushed into a relationship with Juliet.

Reason 2

Shakespeare writes, "This fight shall decide who dies They fight,Tybalt falls"(3.1.133). In this scene, Romeo kills Tybalt which leads to him being banished from the kingdom. He should have gone and got the prince when Tybalt killed Mercutio. Instead he acted irrationally and killed Tybalt, which got him banished.

Reason 3

Romeo states, "Oh that pharmacist was honest, his drugs work quickly. So I die with a kiss."(5.3.120) Romeo drinks poison and kills himself when he finds Juliet 'dead'. After this when Juliet wakes up, she kills herself. Romeo should have waited a little bit longer and checked if Juliet was actually alive or not. But again, he acted irrationally and overreacted and killed himself instead


Someone else might say that Friar Laurence is at fault because he marries Juliet and Romeo, and tells Juliet to take the Vile. But, Friar was just doing his job when he married them, and it is Romeo's fault for killing himself when he saw Juliet.
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