Pop Latino

By: Sydney Kramer

Small History

Where is it mainly heard/listened to?: In clubs (NY&Miami) in the United States and Mexico

People associated with this music?: Mainly Latino, but over time it also came out in English


When: 70's

Where: United States

Why: Many new styles of music were rising, and when put together in a more melodic sense

Musical Influences: It retained Latin rhythms in its uptempo numbers but relied more on mainstream pop for its melodic sense.

About the Music

a. What are the major characteristics of the music in this genre?

- Very upbeat, fast, started out only in Spanish

b. What are the main instruments, vocals or arrangements?

- Voice, Guitar, bass, drums, and keyboard

c. What social, cultural events or traditions is the music associated with?

- It got people through the move to the Americas. One of their more happy experiences during that time.

d. Who are some of the most famous artists associated with the music?

- Christina Aguilera, Pitbull, Selena Gomez, Shakira

Relations to Dance

a. What dances, if any, are associated with this music?

- Salsa, samba, merengue, flamenco, tango, reggaeton, and reggae

b. What are the characteristics of the dances?

- Fast, upbeat


a. Who, what and where is the music associated with today?

- It is mainly sung by people who can fluently speak Spanish and it is very popular in the U.S..

b. What is the projected future of this music?

- Most likely to become even more popular and help more people learn to be cultural.