Kilauea, Hawaii

Lindsay Nazzaro & Audry Roughgarden

The Kilauea Volcano

Kilauea is an active shield volcano. The Kilauea forms Pāhoehoe lava and it's eruption is Effusive. Kilauea is a currently active shield volcano, so it can erupt at any time.The Kilauea volcano erupted approximately 63 times between 1750 and 1982 and has been continuously erupting since January 3, 1983. It is one of the largest Kilauea is one of largest active craters in the world, has a circumference of 8 miles.

Location Of Kilauea

The Kilauea is located on Southeastern side of The Big Island of Hawaii, U.S.A. The Big Island is the largest island out of the Hawaii Island chain. By the volcano, there is a village for residents and tourists. The village has many visitor attractions including a volcano themed restaurant, a tour of the volcano, a country club/golf course, and a lot of houses. Because the village is so close, it is usually affected by the eruptions.

Formation of Kilauea

The Kilauea and the other Hawaiian volcanoes are not formed on a plate boundary. Instead, the Kilauea was formed on a hot spot. If the hot spot is under the seafloor (as it is in Hawaii) it produces undersea volcanoes. Some of these volcanoes build up to the surface of the ocean and become islands.