AMHS Weekly Update

December 6, 2021- December 10, 2021


As we approach final exams, below are some ways to help your student be successful in retaining information so that they can do well on their final exams. (adapted from The Princeton Review, "How to Study for Finals")

  1. Get Organized. Students should organize their notes and study guides for each class prior to studying,
  2. Make a Game Plan. Students are taking exams in all 7 classes. Have students make a plan that carves out specific times for their study sessions.
  3. Start Early. If you haven't started studying for final exams, start now. Many teachers have been reviewing the material in class with students, so now it is time to set aside time each day to review course material to ensure that they know it prior to the exam.
  4. Study in this order: a) definitely b) probably c) might be on the final. Students should use their study guides to help them know the focus of the final and NOT as the final exam. They will need to identify concepts that they have had difficulty with during the semester and go back to their note to be sure that they understand the concepts prior to the exam.

  5. Devote time to the classes that are the toughest. Identify the classes that you have had the most difficulty with his semester and devote more time to these classes. Write down questions that you may have and be sure to attend tutorial sessions to ask questions regarding concepts that may have been difficult to grasp.

  6. Form a study group. Nothing motivates us like our peers. Take the opportunity to study with your peers and review the class material, compare notes, or work through tricky concepts. Remember, that even though you are studying as a group you are responsible for understanding concepts independently.

  7. Get creative with study aids. Identify the best ways for your to internalize the course information and use it. Whether is analogies, acronyms, flashcards, etc. this will help you remember important concepts when needed.

  8. Make sleep a priority. Getting the proper rest is important. There is no need to cram for your finals. The added stress will not help you to remember the concepts you need to do well on your final exam.

  9. Take a break. Believe it or not, but short five-minute breaks while studying help to maintain your focus.

  10. Brain food is real. Eating healthy and drinking plenty of water to keep your brain firing on all cylinders

FALL 2021 FINAL Exam Schedule

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Final Exams will begin on Wednesday, December 15th. Students are expected to follow the exam schedule above. Friday, December 17th is an Early Release Day and students will be released at 12:10 pm. Students who do not show up to take their final exams will need to report on January 3, 2022, from 9:00, am until 1:30 pm to make up their final exams. No early exams will be administered.

GA Milestomes End of Course (EOC) Benchmark Assessment #2

Students enrolled in EOC courses (9th grade: Biology, Coordinate Algebra; 11th grade: American Literature and US HIstory) are taking their second benchmark for the Fall 2021 Semester. The Benchmark will be administered between December 6th-17th. The data from the benchmark is used to make instructional decisions as we prepare our students for the EOC assessments in April 2022. Please encourage your student to do their very best on these assessments to help our teachers in their instructional planning and know what supports are needed to improve student learning.

Going on Now: EOC Tutorials

EOC Tutorials have begun. Students are invited to attend tutorial sessions on Tuesday and Thursdays from (3:35 pm - 4:35 pm)

Tuesdays: Coordinate Algebra and American Literature

Thursdays: Biology and US History

To ensure student safety, please be sure to pick up students attending tutorials no later than 4:45 pm.

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Winter Sports are Here!!! Purchase tickets Online

Tickets for all DCSD sports can be purchased online at GOFAN. Tickets are released every Monday for that week's events. On the GOFAN site, search for Arabia Mountain High School and then complete the transaction to purchase tickets. If an event is canceled due to COVID after tickets have been purchased, your card will be refunded. Click here for details on GOFan. Go Rams!
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Class of 2022 News

Seniors, click here to complete your Class of 2022 Information Sheet!

Senior Remind Join Codes

Cap and Gown Orders from Jostens

CLICK HERE to order your cap, gown, stole, and tassel package from Jostens.
Cost: $75 (plus tax); deposit: $50
Please order by October 31, 2021. All balances must be paid by April 1, 2022.

CLICK HERE for a printable with helpful QR codes.

Please CLICK HERE for the AMHS Class of 2022 Updates. (Updates from the November 10th meeting)


Parents and Scholars,

Below are the remaining dates for the ACT and SAT for the 2021-2022 school year. Students must register for the exam by visiting the ACT or College Board website.


College Board:

Parents of students who are seeking accommodations for either exam should reach out to our testing coordinator, Mr. Paris Burd at

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School Uniforms

Thank you for assisting us in maintaining the AMHS School Uniform Policy. The vast majority of our students are following the uniform policy. Please continue to remind your student to be in the appropriate school uniform daily. As a reminder, all students are expected to wear their navy Blazer each Monday for "Blazer Mondays." This is a required part of the AMHS uniform. Please review the uniform policy below with your student. Thank you in advance for assisting us with our uniform policy. Click the following link to the list of the AMHS Uniform Vendors.

Need a Chromebook

New student Chromebooks were delivered and issued last week. If your student needs a Chromebook. Please complete the DCSD Chromebook User Agreement and return it to Mr. Burd ( Once the user agreement is received, the student will be assigned a Chromebook. The user agreement form is linked below.