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Week of April 1st!


Close your eyes.

Open them.

Did anything change?

Most would say no, for whatever you were looking at before you closed your eyes is still there.


Close your eyes again.

Turn your body to the right.

Open them.

Did anything change?

For me, I am now facing a window. My entire view is different and my mind has shifted to needing to feed the dogs who I now see pawing at the empty dog bowl.....

You see, the slightest movement not only causes a change, but it can cause an entire shift in thinking.

Change is inevitable, it is a simple way of life. For some, embracing change can be difficult, but I wanted to share how to find the good in change by shifting your mind focus!

Change helps you grow. When change occurs, it forces us to adapt in many different ways. By learning to adapt in different ways, we are able to grow in both our personal and professional lives.

Change reveals your own strength. If everything in your world was exactly the same and you never experienced change, how could you ever find your own strengths? Sometimes, the greatest changes in your life proves just how amazing of a being you are.

Change breaks up routines. Some routines, like brushing and flossing your teeth, are good to maintain. (Ask the people around you!) By breaking up your routine, change keeps your mind active, refocusing your thoughts so your mind stays active and doesn’t become fixated on negative thought patterns.

Change teaches you to be flexible. By embracing change and meeting it head-on with excitement, you can learn not to be so set in your ways—which can help you maintain a more positive attitude.

Lastly, the reason I decided to make "change" the blog topic this week:
Change offers opportunity. By altering the way you live your life, even in a small way, change can present opportunities that can have a domino effect, providing you with more choices than you ever dreamed possible—so you can create a more fulfilling and authentic life.

If you haven't heard yet, Alkek will be experiencing a change next school year! Change presented an opportunity for both Mr. Jackson and Ms. Moseley this year and provided them with amazing opportunities that they both more than deserved! You can find their press release below. With the new changes among Alkek and BMS, I encourage each of you to embrace the new changes with excitement and shift your mindsets to a positive future for the students, teachers, and staff members!

Good things are happening at Bandera ISD!

Change may not always be a good thing, but learning how to shift your mindset, overcoming, and staying positive can make change a GREAT thing.

Progress is impossible without change, and BISD is moving right along in my opinion!

....and now I will head out to feed the doggies! :)

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Press Release-Click on Photo!


BISD Visioning Process in Full Swing!

Teachers, Administrators, Parents, and Students have continued to be a part of the BISD Visioning process. Throughout this process, BISD is looking to clarify thoughts on the core values that Bandera ISD should recognize for future growth! It is a great time to embrace change and begin to align all of our visions together! Keep on Dreaming, great things are happening!


What's Happening This Week?!

April 1st- Happy April Fool's Day!

April 3rd- Happy Birthday Mrs. Mclerran!!

April 4th- Progress Reports Go Home!

Visit our Parent Portal to stay up to date with grades!

April 5th- *4th Grade AG Day at Mansfield Park

*Congratulations to Mrs. Garcia's class for winning a Pizza Party during lunch for purchasing the most yearbooks!

Save the Date:

April 19th and April 22nd- Student/Teacher Holiday!


Save the Date for STAAR!

April 9th- 4th Grade Writing/5th Grade Math

April 10th- 5th Grade Reading

April 11th- Make Up Testing

May 13th- 3rd and 4th Grade Math

May 14th- 3rd and 4th Grade Reading

May 15th- 5th Grade Science


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Ann Montague

Meet Mrs. Montague!

Mrs. Montague is our Pre-K teacher here at Alkek!

She has been with BISD for 28 amazing years!

A little about Mrs. Montague:

She is happily married to her husband George!

Their wedding anniversary is on July 26!

They have two sons- JD-20 and Jake-17

She is a Taurus born on May 18th!

Her favorite hobby outside of school and teaching are: Going to Lake Amistad, going to the beach, going to the ranch and hanging out with my friends at my pool! (She sounds like so much fun!!)

Ann is not a huge fan of reading, but she is a huge furry animal lover! She has 3 dogs: Todd, Copper, & Yodi, 2 horses whose names are Belle and Clay. a donkey named Albert, the cats are Belle and Mr. Poo, and also sheep and cows but they don't have names!!

*We need to plan a Pre-K field trip to 'Old McMontague's Farm!!' hehe

Mrs. Montague's favorite thing to watch on TV is: The Little People!

Her favorite holiday is Summer! Don't worry, it's almost here!!!

Ann's favorite quote or words she tends to live by are:

Get Along by Kenny Chesney

"Get along, on down the road

We've got a long long way to go

Scared to live, scared to die

We ain't perfect but we try

Get along while we can

Always give love the upper hand

Paint a wall, learn to dance

Call your mom, buy a boat

Make a friend, can't we all get along!"

When asked if she had a hero, Ann says, "Hooter McMullan!" - How inspiring!

Ann says she is most proud of her boys!

We are beyond blessed to have Mrs. Montague with us at Alkek! I know the little bitties love her to the moon and so do we!

Thanks for all you do, Ann, we appreciate you so much!

Enjoy your spotlight




Make it a great week and Remember....

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