Jerusalem, Israel

Lush grass, cooling air, green nature- Welcome to Israel

Neat Nutrition!

  • Make your taste buds jump when you come to Israel! These mouth-watering foods are unforgettable! Wake up with a healthy fresh start. Milk, yogurt, and cheese are eaten at breakfast and dinner. Put a pop in your day with delicious healthy choices! Coming to Israel? Well, let's just say that the "Falafel" is a must have! Sandwiches filled with fried chickpeas with garlic, onion, and spices! Strawberries, pears, oranges, peaches, and plums are just some of the mouth-watering, juicy fruits grown on Israeli farms. Come enjoy the fresh, natural fruit! For religious reasons, Israelis don't eat beef or pork. But why would you need that when you have better opinions? Healthy! Diverse! Cultural! That's what you'll here hear when you try Israeli food. It's like being in a different country every time you eat!

Sweet, Sweet Culture!

Jerusalem has many exquisite arts! Come to see! Enjoy theatre? Well here's news for you! Israel leads number 1 in the WORLD in theatre attendance. Step foot in the Jerusalem Theatre for the time of your life! Relaxation is key to Jerusalem. Every afternoon friends and family come to visit and socialize. You'll never be left out and better yet, you'll feel at home! Arrive to a healthy life style. Israelis have a strong emphasis on staying fit and healthy. Wouldn't you love that lifestyle? When you travel on down, you'll enjoy the work of Nurit Zarchia, a famous writer and poet. Jerusalem has so many more, come soak in the joy! Jerusalem has a heart for theatre and arts!

Attracting Tourism!

Your entertainment is gold here! There's so much to do! Need activities and landmarks to see and do? Well, fly on down to one of the most famous land mark ever! The Dead Sea! It's the lowest point on Earth! Due to so much salt in the lake, nothing lives in it. Yes, it is totally safe to swim! Another breath-taking landmark is the Western Wall! People come from all over the world and gather and pray there. Wouldn't you like to join the world? With the modern country Israel is, about 92% live in urban areas! That means 5 star matenence! Like electricity, HD t.v., like a 5 star hotel! The Coastal Plains are beautiful, origanial, regoins. Most Israelis live there along with visitors. Its climate is warm and sunny like a movie set! Come down for a refresh and pause on worries! Overall, Israel has many things you can do, its climate is perfect for activities!

Sunny Days!

Perfect climate, perfect place. Not only is Israel just plain beautiful, it has an even more beautiful climate! Stroll on down to the sunny days! Northern region of Israel are mostly hot and dry. Perfect for a cool dip into water or a nice long ride with the windows down! Ever experienced those marvelous days where its just so flawless that you could spend the whole day outside? Well listen up because we've got news for you! In Eilat, you can experience those days every single day! Its beaches are a perfect climate all year long! Yes, even in winters! Jerusalem is cool in the summer and winters aren't harsh at all. Sounds like a 5 star resort doesn't it?

Language, Language.

Pack your bags and head on down to the one-and-only Israel, with 2 languages! For twice the fun! That's right, Israel 2 official languages in one country! With 2 official languages, you might think its tricky. It's not! In Israel you'll mostly speak/hear "Hebrew". How fascinating! Choose wisely! Israel has Arabic (2nd official language) schools, towns, cities, and governments just for Arabs, separated from the Hebrew side. Don't speak nor understand these languages? That's alright! Most Israelis can speak 2 languages; either Arabic and English or Hebrew and English!

Hebrew Alphabet!

Landmarks? What Landmarks?

Filled with landmarks and cool historical sights, Israel is never boring! Have you ever stood on a world famous sight? Guess what? You can! Like we mentioned before, the Dead Sea is one of the most famous historical sights ever! It's 10x saltier than normal oceans, and that's good. Why? Well, its high in evaporation because of the salty water so that makes it almost impossible to drown! Also people who have skin disorders have found relief while swimming in the water. Come walk on holy ground! You'll never be the same! The Sea of Galilee is holy! It is said that Jesus performed miracles on that very lake! You'll be changed forever! What makes Israel so great and famous is its history. Come visit Yad Vashem memorial to experience the effects of WWII. Yad Vashem holds pictures of all the Jewish victims of WWII and their amazing story. Come to Yad Vashem to go back in time! The definition of relaxation and pure enjoyment is Eilat Beaches! Enjoy fresh cool waters and sunny days! Israel has many landmarks along with historical sights, you'll never be bored!

Map of Israel!


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