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October 8, 2018
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Using Twitter: A Plus for My (Math) Teaching

The principles in this article by Michelle Russell from MIddleWeb can be applied to just about any subject. You don't have to have a big following, or follow many people to get some instant benefits from twitter.

Note: in the first comment after this article, there are some additional suggestions for people and hashtags to follow specifically for math

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Classroom Poster Series: Inspiring the Human Story Bring the profound words and experiences of Holocaust survivor and memoirist Elie Wiesel, Holocaust survivor Kurt Messerschmidt, and Anne Frank rescuer, Miep Gies to your classroom. Each poster promotes meaningful conversation and reflection and inspires students with powerful human stories of the Holocaust that can continue to guide and inform their steps forward. Click Here to order a poster series for your classroom at no cost.

Free Manga Set for Your Library

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"Go" is an ancient Asian game that has regained popularity. The American Go Foundation provides the manga series "Hikaru" for free to schools and libraries, but they do ask for $25 to help cover the cost of shipping & handling. If your location is serving disadvantaged kids, or your budget cannot cover the expense, you may request free shipping. (I know librarians in Indiana who had the fee waived; this photo is from a librarian who received it.)

To order your set of Hikaru, contact them at

Two cardboard playing sets are included with the shipment, as well as two copies of their booklet on how to play, The Way to Go. Once kids read Hikaru, they will want to play Go! The cardboard sets will get you by until you are ready to launch a full Go program.

Want Your Students to Examine Authentic Problems without Information Overload?

This Data Nuggets description is courtesy of their website: "Data Nuggets are free classroom activities, co-designed by scientists and teachers, designed to bring contemporary research and authentic data into the classroom. Data Nuggets include a connection to the scientist behind the data and the true story of their research. Each activity gives students practice working with “messy data” and interpreting quantitative information. Students are guided through the entire process of science, including identifying hypotheses and predictions, visualizing and interpreting data, making evidence based claims, and asking their own questions for future research."


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You can learn more about this viral event and listen to a podcast from Vicki "Cool Cat Teacher" Davis when she interviewed Ms. Sasser on this site. Vicki's podcasts are often about best practices that apply to any subject, and are great to listen to during commutes!

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