Who am I?

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What you don't know

My name is Theresamarie Montano I am the youngest of four and a aunt to four kids under the age of fourteen. I am half Native American and Half Hispanic, I have Attended highland Four the past four years and spend most of my time in the Theater room. it's kind of ironic that I'm theater President today considering I failed my first year of theater, but i guess that goes to show how you can always rise up from failure. I don't want to take on acting as a profession, i just like to keep it as a hobby and it further trains me for the field I do dream of taking. I have always dream't of becoming a vocalist or a singer. Ever since I was younger my grandma had always told me she wanted me to live on a stage and share my voice with the world. My grandma has been dead for almost ten years and still keep the promise I made many years ago. I will be graduating this year with all my credits and a few extra. I will have 5 science credits by the end of this year, with my biotechnology class and astronomy. Aside from singing I have always enjoyed science, I used to teach for the Natural History Museum and my science knowledge grew from there. I love looking at the stars and have always wanted to take astronomy, I took biotechnology because I thought it was a concurrent class but now that i have started i don't really see a point in not staying ... I have come to enjoy it a little more then I thought I would. I am dream of traveling to South Korea one day,Ii want to live there for five years. Three serving a catholic mission and working with the nunnery, then two more living on my own.

usefulness of smores

I find smores very useful because we have to create so many different theater posters and flyers to advertise for our shows, this is a easier and faster way to get things done.