Canada 2060

What will Canada be like in 2060?

Canada 2060?

Using educated guesses, predictions will be made of how Canada will be demographically, of the change in birth and deaths rates, of immigration patterns and of the changes the first nations will bring upon our country. After an introduction of Canada's current situation, we'll dive right into Canada 45 years later in the future.

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Canada Right Now!

Canada at the moment has a population of 35.2 million with a birth rate of 10.29 per woman. The death rate is at 8.31 per 1,000 which leaves the natural increase rate at 1.98. The immigration rate is about 20% of the whole population which is a very large amount. Most of these immigrants come from Asia along with Africa, Central and South America and the Caribbean. Canada has been told to to be receiving about 250,000 Immigrants per year which is about 23.5% of the population growth over 25 years. Depending on the country the push factors may vary from lack of job opportunities, good education, the government, the lifestyle, war and many other reasons. The pull factors for Canada are examples like free healthcare, democratic government, good education system, job opportunities, and human rights that are given to each and every citizen. At the moment the aboriginal population is growing at 45% compared to the non-aboriginal population as a result of receiving better health care. This is a basic overview of the current demographic state of Canada.

Canada's Birth and Death Rate in 2060!

In the past the birth rate had its dramatic drops and rises, but now it seems that the birth rate just continues to decrease. Reasons for this are probably because of the lack of education, access to birth control methods and just how society viewed women. In the past woman were just used as people who care for their husbands and give birth, they were not given any rights or freedom unlike today's woman. Now that woman have equal rights and can have homes, earn wages, vote and do anything a man can do! Because of these changes women are no longer forced to have children, and now they may feel as though there are things they want to do before they get pregnant. Also they might feel like if they have too many children that they cannot have a job at the same time therefore leaving them leaving them with the decision of only having one or two children. So I believe that in 2060 the birth rate will continue to decrease causing the natural increase rate to decrease as well. Furthermore, According to, Canada is third among industrial countries for death rates as Canada possesses impressive access to health care, prevention programs and a good environment. Therefore, I believe that Canada will continue to be a safe country that will continue to lower the death rates. I also believe that as years go by, technology will continue to grow, and advances in medicine will be made. Because of this reasoning I believe that by 2060 the death rate will drop and life expectancy will increase.

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Immigration 4.5 Centuries From Now!

As mentioned above the current immigration rate is about 23.5% which is probably because of the pull factors listed earlier. I believe that these pull factors will continue to improve and become stronger appealing to more and more immigrants. Since Canada's population doesn't seem to increase in 45 years, Canada will probably try to increase the population by receiving immigrants from all over the world. I believe the point system will continue to be in use as it is a objective way to evaluate immigrants. Though i think that Canada will not be as strict since they will need a large amount of immigrants to make up for the population Canadians fail to produce. The point system's main requirements are English and French skills, Education, Experience, age, arranged employment and adaptability. Although these requirements do not seem as though hard to meet, many people around the world who really would need the help cannot pass the point system.The immigrants are also categorized into family class, economic immigrants, refugees and others which helps Canada figure out how the immigrants will help the country. Therefore i believe that Canada's immigration rate will increase even more by 2060 as a result of Canadians not meeting birth rate expectations to about 35%. The main origin where Canada gains their immigrants is from Asia, which i think will continue to stay that way. The countries like India, Pakistan, China and other undeveloped countries are what i think should have more emigration since they are countries that are very largely populated. In short, the immigration rate will increase to 35% by 2060 as a result of not having enough of a population, and people in other countries seeking a better life.
Immigrating to Canada

First Nations in 45 Years?

First nations were the first people who settled in Canada, they lived a humble life and gratitude filled life compared to the European settlers. The aboriginals were promised many things in the past while cooperating with the Europeans. I believe that the first nations will be given what should have been given to them a long time ago. The reason for this is because first nations people account for 4.3 percent of Canada's laborers, and laborers are needed a lot in Canada. They also account for 45% of the population in Canada, which is believed to continue to increase. Recently First nations have become apart of the Joint Action plan, which basically works on strengthening the relationship between Canada and the first nations. First nations are slowly becoming more respected as time passes while Canada recognizes their wrong deeds. Changes have already started being made so by 2060 i believe that First nations will be treated exactly the same as Canadians with an exception of first nations being in charge of their own government.

How will my life be different compared to my parents lives in 2060?

As a result of not having a proper device to create an audio clip the answer to this question will be unfortunately answered through text. In the year 2060, I will be at age 60 which is a bit older than the age of my parents at the moment. I believe that by 2060, taxes will be higher as canada will need more money to cover health care and etc. Finding a stable job is already hard, so by 2060 I am hoping that since we will have a lot more immigrants, that they will bring forth we job opportunities. Also since Canada is continuously improving and developing itself, I believe that health care will become more accesible as well as better education. These are a few predictions as to how life for a current teenage may turn out to be in 2060!


Its finally the end of this article, so here is a quick review of what was explained above:

Current Canada:

  • has a population of 35.2 million, Birth rate of 10.29 per woman
  • Death rate of 8.31, Natural Increase of 1.98
  • Origins of most immigrants : Asia, Africa, South and Central America, The Caribbean
  • Immigration rate is 23.5%
  • Pull Factors: Healthcare, Education, Job opportunities, human rights, government
  • Push Factors: War, lack of education, no employment, unpleasing lifestyle
  • aboriginal population growing at 45%

Birth and Death Rate in 2060:

  • Birth rate declining as woman do not bare as many children
  • a result of equal rights given to woman
  • death rates will decrease because of the improvement of medicine, prevention programs, and environment.
Immigration in 45 years:

  • immigration rate will increase, will be used to higher population to about 35%
  • Pull factors will continue to get stronger
  • point system will still be in use, not as strict
  • countries of origin are counties like India, Pakistan and China since they aren't developed and are over populated

First Nations:

  • Will be given whatever was promised to them
  • will increase the population and increase the amount of laborers
  • will strengthen the relationship with Canada
  • will be treated just like Canadians


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