Retinal Pigmentosa


Retinal Pigmentosa is a disease that is inherited and that it causes eye vision loss and night blindness.

what causes Retinal Pigmentosa?

Retinal Pigmentosa is in inherited disease. It can not be caused by anything. Also only one family member can be affected by it and when you turn 10 years old the doctors can check if you have the disease.

Which gene or chromosome is affected?

The gene that is affected in this disorder is the recessive gene. Also the disease can show up as other different names.

Are there prenatal tests for this disorder?

Yes it is now possible for prenatal tests to be done for Retinal Pigmentosa.

What are the symptoms for this disorder.

The first symptoms is a loss of night vision.Also another symptoms is the ability to not see the right colors.

What type of population can be affected?

I think that everbody in the world can get the disease.

How can it be inherited?

It can be inherited by a pattern of the gene and it has to have both copies of a gene in each mutations.

What kind of medical assistance are going to be needed?

Doctors say there is no cure but there are still some things that will help the children better and there life.Also some children that have Retinal Pigmentosa may benifit from low vision adis that maximize vision.

What are the treatment and cures of this disorder?

Some doctors believe that vitamins A and E will slightly slow the progression of the disease in some people.however large vitamins could be toxic and affected individuals should speak to their doctors before taking the vitamins. Also if a person has Retinal Pigmentosa they should be exposed to bright sunlight.

How can you prevent this disorder?

The doctors say that the disorder can not be prevented.

Can this individual have children in the future.

They can but there children would have a loss of eye vision

What is the current status of research of this disorder.

Doctors say there is no cure once they get the disease.