Manitoba History

Here are a few facts about Manitoba. Well first of all the Flag of Manitoba was adopted on May 12 1966 under Queen Elizabeth the second. Manitoba's shield was granted by King Edward the seventh in 1905. Manitoba entered Confederation on July 15 1870. Manitoba became a Province on July 15 1870. The Paraire Crocus was made the Provincial Flower of Manitoba on March 16 1906. The Great Grey Owl was adopted as Manitoba's Provincial bird on July 16 1987.


Here are the food of Manitoba. Manitoba's first foods were Bison, Fish, Wild Berry's, Grain, bannock, Flat Bread, Smoked Meat, and Smoked Fish.

Places To Visit

Places you can visit are Winnipeg, Brandon, Steinbeck, and lake Winnipeg are some of the destinations you can visit in Manitoba.

Fun Facts

Here are a few fun facts about Manitoba. Did you know that Polar Bears are common in northern Manitoba. Also from 1871 to 2011 the population has increased by more then 1,175,000 people. One more fact is that the northern side of Manitoba covers more than 70% of Manitoba in all.